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Spending the last 12+ years as a wine sales professional has given me opportunities to witness the great, and the not so authentic in the wine business.

My status gave me opportunities to walk cellars and production facilities in North America and Europe, offering insight to public perceptions in Southern California.  

Back in my home market, I’ve watched a shrinking segment of independently owned fine wine shops leave consumers to procure their wines from supermarkets and box stores, ultimately limiting variety and quality.  

I must offer an alternative to this, as I cannot watch my friends be taken advantage of with a high price point and low quality at the grocery store.

My passion is making sure that everyone has access to fine wine and doesn’t get taken advantage of by the high markups of the grocery story. 

I’m excited to link wines with food pairings, and to help my customers get the most out of the bottle they have purchased.  When and how to drink a wine should be thought out and I am excited to be a part of that. 

Welcome to Drink WIne Like a Boss, I can’t wait to hand select the finest wines for you.

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